Here Are the Best Reactions to BYU Finally Selling Caffeinated Soda on Campus September 22, 2017

Here Are the Best Reactions to BYU Finally Selling Caffeinated Soda on Campus

Yesterday, Brigham Young University announced that it would finally begin serving caffeinated beverages in the Provo campus’ dining hall.

While some people believe caffeine is banned in the Mormon religion, that’s not the case. (Hot drinks like coffee are also a no-no, and people have long made the assumption caffeine is the reason.) The school says caffeinated soda was just never offered at BYU due to a lack of demand — which is hard to believe — but students have been purchasing the drinks off-campus for decades without a problem. Now, it’ll be a little more convenient. Students (and no small number of jealous graduates) overwhelmingly rejoiced at the move.

Here’s a roundup of some of the more entertaining responses.



Perhaps the most interesting comment came from students talking about the economic impact this would have… on the gas stations near campus where they used to get their caffeinated drinks. They just lost a ton of customers.

All because followers of a religion that bans hot drinks now have an easier way to purchase Coca-Cola.

It’s times like this when you have to step back and realize how absurd all of this sounds to people who aren’t bound by irrational dogma.

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