Several SC Counties Paint Christian Crosses at the Sites of Fatal Accidents September 18, 2017

Several SC Counties Paint Christian Crosses at the Sites of Fatal Accidents

In twelve different counties in South Carolina, whenever there’s a fatal traffic accident, the coroners mark the spot with a Christian cross.


They don’t always get permission from the families to do this. And just wait till you hear the response to anyone who objects for reasons including church/state separation.

… The stencil includes the words “Look Twice, Save a Life” for motorcycle fatalities. For other traffic fatalities, they paint just the cross portion.

[Lexington County Coroner Margaret] Fisher said her employees does not have to ask permission from the victim’s family to paint the cross but they still do as a courtesy. If the family objects, they will not paint it.

“If for some reason they don’t want us to paint it, then we’re not going to do it,” she said. “We tell them you can think of the cross as a lower-case T that stands for ‘traffic accident.’”

Except it’s not a T. And everyone knows it’s not a T. The Christian cross is not a secular symbol that can apply to everyone in the wake of a fatal injury. It has a specific religious connotation that dishonors the memory of Jewish, atheist, and Muslim victims.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter about this to the state’s Department of Transportation last year, but state officials clearly didn’t pay any attention since they’re still doing it.

Which means that, barring a lawsuit, it looks like all accident victims in these counties will be de facto Christians as designated by the state. If we were talking about any other religious symbol, Christians would be rightfully furious about it.

How long will we have to wait until they raise a fuss over this?

(Screenshot via The State. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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