Ex-Muslim: I Left a Culture Where I Had Few Rights and No Independence September 15, 2017

Ex-Muslim: I Left a Culture Where I Had Few Rights and No Independence

The Ex-Muslims of North America released the latest video in their project featuring apostates willing to speak out publicly.

This time, we meet Hiba, a former Muslim from Lebanon who wanted to break away from a culture where she had few rights and no independence.

… It was just that type of upbringing where almost everything was designed around maintaining sexual purity… I was raised basically based on the idea that I was going to be… my father’s daughter until I became my husband’s wife.

Every single moment felt like trauma. It felt like I was being watched, and controlled, and manipulated all the time, and I couldn’t do it anymore.

The way she finally gained her independence is really clever.

Hiba also talks about Muslim women who say they freely choose to wear the hijab. In her case, she didn’t have a choice. So if you asked her if wearing it was her decision, of course she would’ve said yes. Which leads to a simple question: How many other Muslim women are doing the same thing?

Incidentally, Hiba is the same person who, under a pseudonym, once created a website showing women before and after wearing a hijab. The project’s goal was to empower women to finally take them off.

These videos are incredible. Be sure to watch the others in the series right here.

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