Vidor (TX) Police Dept. Says Burglary Suspects Will Face “Eternal Damnation” September 11, 2017

Vidor (TX) Police Dept. Says Burglary Suspects Will Face “Eternal Damnation”

Vidor, Texas is about a 90 minute drive northeast of Houston, and the city was affected by Hurricane Harvey last week. The local police department has even instituted a local curfew to prevent looting in the wake of the disaster.

But on Friday, there was a bizarre message on the department’s Facebook page.

After officers apprehended suspects in a burglary, an image of the alleged perpetrators was posted online along with the caption: “As I stated these people are the lowest of the low to steal from those that have lost so much. Eternal damnation shall be their final punishment.


No doubt that these suspects, if convicted, were doing something despicable. But what the hell is up with that line about eternal damnation? Why is a police department saying anything about the afterlife of people their officers apprehend?

It’s not the only religious reference on the Facebook page, either. Police Chief Rod Carroll has made multiple references to God and prayer in just the past week.

I sent a message to the police department last night — there was a “read” receipt minutes later, so I know they saw it — but they have not yet responded to my questions about why they’re promoting religion on the department’s official Facebook page.

Given the posts, though, there’s a looming question about whether non-Christians in this community are treated the same as those who share Carroll’s faith. Even if that message wasn’t intentional, that’s the effect. And that’s precisely why police chiefs shouldn’t be talking like pastors while on the clock.

(Thanks to Justin for the link)

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