Two Girls Are Sending Bibles to Hurricane Victims Because That’s What They Need September 11, 2017

Two Girls Are Sending Bibles to Hurricane Victims Because That’s What They Need

I sometimes get messages saying I’m not very friendly. “Sure I am,” I respond, “but that shouldn’t stop me from criticizing bad ideas.” That’s ao much easier to do when the subjects of the criticism aren’t adorable little kids.

Ada and Madison Holloway, sisters from Georgia who are 8 and 9, respectively, saw the destruction that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma caused and knew they wanted to do something to help out.

Their solution? Sending bibles.

Because when homes are destroyed and cities are flooded, I guess they think people will need some reading material.


Members of East Brainerd Church of Christ, the sisters decided to collect money for bibles. The girls plan to ship them to churches in the affected areas, so leaders can give them to their parishioners.

“We think it’s important because we can use it to tell people, give them encouraging words and things like that,” said Madison Holloway.

I can see it now: “The hurricane God created just destroyed everything around us. So here’s a book that explains why God loves you.”

“I’m sorry you lost everything. Here’s a book about genocide to make you feel better about your life.”

“It’s too bad your home is flooded. These pages will soak up a lot of the water.”

You can’t blame the kids here. They mean well. But somewhere along the line, adults told them this was a great idea. Their parents or pastors said bibles, not clothes or food or money, were what hurricane victims needed the most and helped the kids set up a GoFundMe page. The local news affiliate saw this as a feel good story and gave them free publicity.

Thoughts and prayers would do more for victims than sending them books they have no place to keep.

(Thanks to Susanna for the link)

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