Is a Good and Powerful God Compatible With a World Full of Suffering? September 10, 2017

Is a Good and Powerful God Compatible With a World Full of Suffering?

If you’re learning how to be a Christian apologist, Lesson One is almost certainly responding to the problem of evil. That’s the idea that, if God is all-good and all-powerful, evil shouldn’t exist in the world… but it does. So what’s up with that?!

Apologist William Lane Craig (or at least the people running his social media) recently posted two videos about that very issue.

Now, YouTuber Keith Hood (a.k.a. hiith), an ex-Christian himself, has done us all a favor by responding to both. He takes apart what those videos say, piece by piece, until there’s no logic or reason left.


It’s hard to believe some Christians still use these arguments, but they do. All the more reason to know how to push back against their faulty reasoning.

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