Christian “Prophetess” Who Didn’t Stop Irma Now Says Rain is Part of God’s Plan September 10, 2017

Christian “Prophetess” Who Didn’t Stop Irma Now Says Rain is Part of God’s Plan

The other day, I posted about how Christian “Prophetess” Kat Kerr was going to stop Hurricane Irma by “taking authority over it.” She even used a scepter to supposedly crush the weather.

That didn’t work. Since she made the video last Monday, Irma has wreaked havoc on islands in the Caribbean and we’ve spent the past 48 hours watching it get closer and closer to the Florida coast.

So what does Kerr have to say about it now? Is she going to apologize for being wrong? Will she admit her words (and God) have no control over the weather?

Of course not.

In fact, according to a video made Saturday afternoon, she thinks the hurricane is doing Florida a favor because “south Florida and western Florida [have] been suffering from a drought.”

… you know, they grow oranges… and other produce in Florida that they have to have that rain in order to be successful. [Without it] The fruit will be dry. It won’t be sweet.

And so we’re gonna help those farmers. This may be even their answer to prayer.

Got that, everyone? The torrential downpours and giant waves are just God’s way of answering the prayers of farmers who need help with their oranges. He’s like a doctor who needs a blood sample and decapitates you.

Kerr went on to say that at least the hurricane won’t destroy anything. Because God would never let that happen.

this storm will cause no destruction. We said that from the beginning. No destruction and no wiping out

It’s gonna bring healing, soaking rain, with no destruction. ‘Cause we’re not tolerating the enemy killing, stealing, and destroying us or anything that belongs to us.

And then she whacked Irma with an invisible scepter. No, seriously, she did that.

… We take authority over Irma. It is not over us. We are over it. And so here we go, we’re gonna just take a little whack. We are hitting that storm underneath Florida to go slightly into the Gulf… The eye is gonna stay off shore and they’re gonna have a soaking rain… to be downgraded to a [Category] 2, to a [Category] 1, and take its course that we’re setting it on, and even maybe, go on up to where the fires are… and put those fires out.

That’s right. She wants the hurricane to somehow jump cross-country and put out all those fires in the West.

To quote the folks at Museum of Idolatry, she’s moving goalposts, not hurricanes.

She went from saying she, with God’s help, would defeat the storm… to rationalizing all the rain while saying nothing would be destroyed.

I guess that means the betting game is on: What’s she going to say after Florida is in ruins?

(via Museum of Idolatry)

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