TX City Was Spared from Harvey Due to Religious Stickers on Cars, Says Citizen September 9, 2017

TX City Was Spared from Harvey Due to Religious Stickers on Cars, Says Citizen

When Christians talk about hurricanes, we hear a lot of excuses for why they hit certain cities. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because of all the orgies. Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey because God wanted payback for the “homosexual agenda.” You get the idea.

But we don’t always hear their explanations for why hurricanes miss certain cities.

When the Gonzales City Council in Texas met earlier this week, they received a lot of praise from citizens for their handling of Hurricane Harvey. Most people didn’t lose power. If they did, it was very briefly. Of course, all that happened because Harvey didn’t quite get to Gonzales… That city is much closer to San Antonio, while the bulk of the damage affected Houston and Corpus Christi.

One citizen, Ken Morrow, knew exactly why this happened, and he made sure to tell the city council:


“And I just started pondering. I said, ‘Why did we miss it and someone else got it?’. Did we do anything right that if God was actually in charge of the weather — and obviously I believe he is — if I were God and in charge of the weather and felt like sparing Gonzales in three different ways — from the eye of the storm and the floods and the rains, then the floods of the swollen rivers — what has gone on in Gonzales in the last couple of years, that has gone in the right direction, that could have earned us this miss?

Morrow said it is because of the city’s placement of “In God We Trust” on all city vehicles, when the rest of the world is going in the opposite direction.

There you go. God spared Gonzales because they put the phrase “In God We Trust” on police cars.

Sure, nearby Austin is a liberal hotbed… and many of the cities damaged by Harvey are full of devout Christians. But God saw the bumper stickers in Gonzales and blew the hurricane away. That’s how it all works.

Glad it’s all cleared up. Maybe all those folks in Florida, trying to get out of the path of Irma, can stop by a convenience store as they drive away and buy a religious decal to put on their cars before it’s too late. Obviously.

(Image via Ector County Sheriff’s Office. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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