This Christian “Prophet” Claims to Have Divine Revelations from Princess Diana September 9, 2017

This Christian “Prophet” Claims to Have Divine Revelations from Princess Diana

The book we’ve all been waiting for is finally here.

Matthew Robert Payne, a self-described “prophet,” follower of Jesus, and conduit to the dead, just released Princess Diana Speaks from Heaven: A Divine Revelation.


In the past few years, Matthew Robert Payne has been receiving visits from Diana in spiritual visions. To mark the twentieth anniversary of her death, Jesus Christ has commissioned him to interview her and bring her answers to people in this short book.

Though she is on another plane of existence, listen to the same Diana with her sweet and loving heart. Let your heart be warmed that she is happy, content, and making a worthwhile difference in heaven with the lover of her soul, Jesus Christ.

Jesus is a book agent now? That guy can do everything…

You should preview the book if you can. It’s… something. Diana opens up the book by talking about how she watched her son’s wedding on YouTube alongside the author. And she spends a lot of time convincing readers it’s totally her. Which is exactly what the real Diana would do, of course.

Payne has also published similar books in which he talks to Michael Jackson and Mary Magdalene.

If he called this fan fiction or fantasy, I wouldn’t care, but he’s not. His website makes clear that he’s being serious — and he’ll take your money if you want him to do a “personal prophecy.” And for $50, he’ll take you up to visit Heaven… via Skype.

Don’t waste your money. After all, if you just wait until you’re dead, he’ll chat with you for free.

(via Museum of Idolatry)

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