High Schooler: I Won’t Stand for the Pledge Due to “Unacceptable Racism” September 8, 2017

High Schooler: I Won’t Stand for the Pledge Due to “Unacceptable Racism”

It’s the start of the school year and that means students are already protesting the Pledge of Allegiance.


Adalis Rojas, a senior at South Hills High School in West Covina, California, wrote an excellent essay for the LA Times‘ website explaining why she’s sitting it out this year. It’s not about the words “Under God” for her (though she respects anyone who remains seated for that reason). It’s not even directly about the lie that we’re currently a nation “with liberty and justice for all.”

She’s doing it because she just doesn’t have pride in the country right now, and this is her way of making it better.

This year has been a stage for unacceptable racism

… today’s USA has taken a back-to-the-past trip to the 1950s, regressing at the hands of this presidency. Those who stand beside me feel fearful of the threats being thrown at them or from being told that this is not where they belong. What happened to the equality given to all under the American flag? What happened to the ideals that this country was built upon?

… So, I will do anything to ensure the rights of my peers and stand (or sit) by their side to silently voice that I am with them.

It’s a beautiful gesture. She’s going to show her support for classmates who feel oppressed, and remaining in her seat during the Pledge is one way of doing that. Only one other classmate has done the same so far, but maybe they’ll both inspire others to join.

Kudos to her for taking a lead on this and expressing her opinions so publicly. It’s incredibly tough to do that, especially when you’re in high school.

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