Ken Ham Has No Idea What “Light-Year” Means September 6, 2017

Ken Ham Has No Idea What “Light-Year” Means

YouTuber Rachel Oates got ahold of Creationist Ken Ham‘s books for kids and created a rebuttal video for Volume 1 of his never-ending series steering readers in the wrong direction.


The most jaw-dropping thing in this video? This is how Ham explains what a light-year is:

… we need to realize it is not a measure of time but a measure of distance, telling us how far away something is. Distant stars and galaxies might be millions of light-years away, but that doesn’t mean that it took millions of years for the light to get here, it just means it is really far away!

He started out so well… and then, right at the very end, he must have realized he was Ken Ham.

But this is what happens when you put all of your faith in the first pages of the Bible. You have to rationalize away all the evidence that refutes your beliefs, even when it makes no sense to do so. If the Bible says God created the universe in six days, a few thousand years ago, it’s a fact. Even though everything we know about astronomy says otherwise.

No evidence will ever convince Ham he’s wrong, which is why Creationists like him have no business pretending they’re experts on science.

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