There’s Plenty of Pseudoscience in Veterinary Medicine, Too September 5, 2017

There’s Plenty of Pseudoscience in Veterinary Medicine, Too

We know that there’s a lot of pseudoscience in the world of medicine. There are “doctors” promoting homeopathic remedies, selling anecdotes as if they’re scientific facts, and offering alternative (useless) treatments to very real problems.

But we don’t often hear those stories when they involve animals.


Brennen McKenzie is a veterinarian who’s been working to expose BS in his field through his blog The SkeptVet. In an interview with NPR over the weekend, he offered an example of what he fights against:

Take anti-vaccine activism: Some people claim that veterinary vaccines should be avoided because their risks are greater than their benefits and they cause all sorts of horrible diseases. But there’s no evidence that vaccines actually do that.

There are people out there refusing to vaccinate their pets because they think it’ll do damage to them. Jesus… I had no idea Jenny McCarthy dabbled in veterinary medicine, too.

Check out the full interview.

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