Christian Radio Host: The Nashville Statement Didn’t Condemn “Gay Christianity” September 1, 2017

Christian Radio Host: The Nashville Statement Didn’t Condemn “Gay Christianity”

On her radio show this week, conservative radio host Janet Mefferd discussed the Nashville Statement, the document signed by many evangelical leaders that set in stone their beliefs about LGBTQ issues. That included the complete denial of transgender identities and the claim that Christians who supported marriage equality weren’t True Christians™ at all.

But none of those things bothered Mefferd. Her concern was that the Statement didn’t go far enough because it didn’t condemn Christians who promote LGBTQ rights.


“Nowhere in this statement do they deny that there is such a thing as gay Christianity,” Mefferd said. “It matters because that is the biggest Trojan horse that I think we as conservative evangelicals face today.”

“It’s moved now from saying you can be a Christian who is celibate and you’re fighting your same-sex attractions,” Mefferd said, “that’s one thing. But now we’re getting more and more books that are pushing the boundaries now within Christian circles.”

In essence, she wanted the Nashville Statement to put people like Matthew Vines on notice for arguing that same-sex relationships are perfectly compatible with the faith. While the writers didn’t acknowledge that idea by name, the Statement made very clear that such Christians are indeed heretics.

WE AFFIRM that it is sinful to approve of homosexual immorality or transgenderism and that such approval constitutes an essential departure from Christian faithfulness and witness.

That sounds like a clear condemnation to me.

Gay Christianity, by the way, is also my unofficial term for how Ken Ham lights up Ark Encounter at night.


(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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