Australian Bigots: If Marriage Equality Passes, Boys Will Wear Dresses August 30, 2017

Australian Bigots: If Marriage Equality Passes, Boys Will Wear Dresses

Australia is about to begin a “postal plebiscite” that will decide whether or not the government considers legalizing marriage equality. (If that sounds confusing, read this article. It’s a really dumb idea.) For that reason, pro and anti marriage equality forces have an incentive to turn out the vote-via-mail.

That also means there are now ads on TV urging people to vote a particular way. And since the anti-marriage equality crowd doesn’t have any logic or reason on their side, their first ad features three women talking about the disasters that will unfold if marriage equality becomes law.


The 30-second ad features three mothers and attempts to link the issue of whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry to anti-bullying programs such as Safe Schools, which teach acceptance of sexual diversity.

“School told my son he can wear a dress next year if he felt like it,” says one mother.

Another says: “When same-sex marriage passes as law overseas this type of program become [sic] widespread and compulsory.”

Another complains that “kids in year seven are being asked to role play being in a same-sex relationship”.

I have no clue how gay people being allowed to marry means children can cross-dress. I also don’t know why that’s a horrible thing… or why role-playing a same-sex relationship will ruin their lives. But that’s the sort of irrational thinking you get from any side opposing civil rights.

That ad comes from the Coalition for Marriage, an alliance that includes numerous Christian groups who apparently think it’s okay to lie as long as they’re doing it for Jesus.

(via Joe. My. God.)

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