WV School District Avoids Lawsuit By Ending Formal Prayers at Football Games August 29, 2017

WV School District Avoids Lawsuit By Ending Formal Prayers at Football Games

The Clay County Schools in West Virginia could have lost a lot of money in a lawsuit if not for one person who spoke up at a school board meeting.

For years, the schools have had prayers over the loudspeakers before football games. Not only is that illegal, the Supreme Court ruled on that very issue in 2000. But unless someone complained, that wasn’t going to change. Which also put the District at risk of a church/state separation group suing them on behalf of a local student or parent.


Thankfully, someone urged the school board to change the policy at the end of last year.

Clay County Schools Superintendent Joe Paxton tells WSAZ the decision came after one person spoke to the school board.

“We had a request last year toward the end of football season to check into whether it [prayer] was taking place and, if so was it allowed?” Paxton said.

Paxton said the district then made the call to move toward a moment of silence

No lawsuit. No arguments. Just an acknowledgement that the District was doing something wrong, followed by a quick correction. If only it was that easy every time.

I have no doubt many Christians will complain that this is somehow an infringement of their religious rights (it’s not) or that they’re being silenced (they’re not), but what they really ought to be doing is thanking the person who encouraged the board to look into the matter. That person saved taxpayers and the District a lot of money — which can now go toward helping students, just as it should.

And anyone who wants to pray can still do it quietly during the moment of silence. No one was ever going to stop them. Plus, Jesus likes it better that way.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian for the link)

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