Bryan Fischer: If We’re Banning Confederate Flags, Let’s Ban Rainbow Flags Too August 29, 2017

Bryan Fischer: If We’re Banning Confederate Flags, Let’s Ban Rainbow Flags Too

Why is there so much talk lately about getting rid of Confederate flags? Because while some in the South see it as a symbol of their heritage, others believe it’s a symbol of slavery, oppression, and treason. The flags belong in a museum, not outside a government institution.

American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer thinks the controversy is much simpler than that. Some people just find the flag offensive and they want it taken down. If that’s the case, he says, he wants rainbow flags to come down as well.


“If we are going to ban the Confederate flag because it is divisive, how about we ban the LGBT flag at school?” he said. “If we are going to ban the Confederate flag at school because it creates division, because it arouses division, because it is offensive to people, because it so violates their most deeply held values about human sexuality, I propose that everywhere —
everywhere — where the Confederate flag is banned, that we propose that along with it, at the same time, that the LGBT rainbow flag be banned at exactly the same time for exactly the same reasons.”

“It is offensive, it is contrary to our most deeply held values, it divides people, it does not bring them together,” Fischer asserted. “It’s time to have the LGBT flag banned right alongside the Confederate flag. If we’re going to ban one, I submit we need to ban the other.”

He’s missing the point (as usual).

The rainbow flag represents diversity and inclusion. LGBTQ people never owned other human beings. They want to be included in the melting pot of America, not separate themselves from it. They want their rights to be respected; they’re not trying to take them away from anyone else (no matter what Fischer argues about bakeries, florists, and Kim Davis).

There’s a substantive difference in their symbols.

Also, how many schools are flying a rainbow flag?! That’s not a thing that happens.

But leave it to Fischer to take a topic — any topic — and link it to homosexuality. For Christians like him, all roads lead to sodomy.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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