Bryan Fischer Took “Authority” Over Hurricane Harvey… Just Before It Hit Texas August 28, 2017

Bryan Fischer Took “Authority” Over Hurricane Harvey… Just Before It Hit Texas

On Friday, just before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer prayed to God to do away with the bad weather. The hurricane may be the result of Satanic forces, he said, therefore he could “take authority over the storm” in the name of Jesus and push it back.


I’m gonna pray aggressively and I want to make it clear that I have no directive from God that this is gonna do the trick. I’m not saying that. I’m praying a prayer of faith. We’re gonna take authority over the storm in Jesus’ name. We’re gonna rebuke this storm in Jesus’ name and all the demonic activity that might be behind it. Remember: Satan came to rob, kill, steal, and destroy. His energy could be behind this storm just as his energy may have been behind the storm that threatened the life of Christ and his disciples…

[In prayer]… We pray in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, that you would release that almighty power to restrain this storm, to hold it back, to turn it from the coast of Texas, to turn it back into the Gulf of Mexico where it could no longer threaten lives and threaten property. We pray that you would still these enormously powerful winds, that you would bring them to a place of calm, that you would still the rain, and that you would protect these coastal lands from the flooding and the damage of the windstorm.

And Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus, we don’t know what role Satan has in this, but we are going to take authority in your powerful name, Lord Jesus, against any work of Satan that is involved in this. And we speak to the forces of Satan that may be behind this storm, to destroy and to kill, and we rebuke you in the all-powerful name of Jesus Christ. We rebuke the wind. We rebuke the waves in the name of Jesus Christ

Well, that didn’t work now, did it? The hurricane didn’t listen to Fischer. Or Jesus. Or Satan, for that matter.

Good thing many people in Texas listened to the scientists who predicted exactly what was going to happen and evacuated immediately. Had they stuck around and prayed with Fischer, who knows how much worse off they’d be right now?

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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