Christian Says Inclusive Texas Church Is Promoting “Sin and Perversion” August 27, 2017

Christian Says Inclusive Texas Church Is Promoting “Sin and Perversion”

You can tell by the sign outside St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas six months ago that this is one of those extremely inclusive churches that welcomes everybody.


That’s a wonderful, welcoming gesture… and someone really didn’t like it, because he sent a nasty letter to the church yesterday. A staffer received it and shared it with Christian Nightmares. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Thanks for discouraging a child of God who’s trying to follow Christ in this evil world. Thanks for making it harder for me to teach my children right from wrong in this corrupt culture when we drive by and they can see your sign endorsing sin and perversion.

Why don’t you also list murderers, adulterers and child molesters on your sign if it’s sinners you’re reaching out to?

If you read the rest of the letter, it’s clear his breaking point was the inclusion of the LGBTQ words. (Atheist didn’t even seem to matter!) But that’s not surprising. Conservative Christians love treating atheists as targets to be saved. But gay and transgender people are irredeemable to them.

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