Mormon Propaganda Video Features Lesbian Couple That Got Divorced to Please God August 26, 2017

Mormon Propaganda Video Features Lesbian Couple That Got Divorced to Please God

Mormons, like evangelical Christians, say they don’t hate gay people. They will gladly accept you if you’re gay… as long as you promise to never fall in love and/or have sex. Because gay relationships are forbidden under the religious rules. But those same churches are also well-known for pushing marriage (at a young age, no less).

So what do you do if you and your same-sex partner got married… but you both really want to join the Mormon Church (or rejoin, in one case)?

Apparently the answer is to get a divorce. Just like Heavenly Father wants.

Welcome Table Productions, a YouTube channel featuring mostly Mormon women, recently posted a testimonial with Courtney and Rachelle, women who met, fell in love, got married, missed Church, wanted to return to Church, but knew that they couldn’t do that while still in a relationship. So they split up to please their Mormon overlords.


Toward the end of the video, they talk about how they were welcomed into the Church even though they were married at the time — people were so nice to them — but they had to make a difficult decision.

[Sobbing] The ideas that we had for our life were so great… and we gave those up because we know that our Heavenly Father’s plan is better. It’s better than what we had in mind… And for those struggling, you have to know that He will not let you be alone. He will not let you be empty inside, and if you truly give just an ounce of faith and say, “Guide my next step,” He will do it.

Christ, that’s awful.

I don’t have much to say about these women. If they want to get a divorce, that’s their business, no matter how delusional the rest of us might think it is.

But for Church members to put these two on a pedestal as if they’re role models? That sort of propaganda is incredibly damaging to gay people who are told they must choose between love and God. Not that the Church cares. “Illicit” love isn’t real love to them, and this couple wasn’t even really married in the eyes of the Church, so leaders have no problem telling gay people they have to be celibate and single forever to be members in good standing.

What would the Church say if this couple had children? Would the marriage-is-sacred crowd celebrate children growing up without two parents because of arbitrary rules about sex? (Answer: Of course they would.)

One Mormon website where this video was posted even urged readers to see another video featuring a happily married Mormon couple, adding that both man and wife “spent 20 years in same-sex relationships with other people” before marrying each other. As if some people can just flip the gay switch and everything will be fine.

Moral of the story: We must strengthen families. Families are the best. Unless you’re in a gay family, in which case you must get divorced. Divorce is the best. Gay divorces strengthen straight Mormon families.

If you want to be really disturbed, check out the reactions from Mormons who see this video as uplifting.

(Thanks to Jason for the link)

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