The Australian Sex Party, Having Matured, Is Now the Reason Party August 25, 2017

The Australian Sex Party, Having Matured, Is Now the Reason Party

In 2009, Fiona Patten created a political party with the hope of (among other things) making abortion more open and accessible, promoting marriage equality, investigating child sexual abuse in the Church, and ending a ban on adult video games. A lot of the issues she cared about as a civil libertarian all revolved around one topic, so naturally, she called it the Australian Sex Party.

And they had the best campaign ad ever last year:


At the time, the Party’s website also offered this handy list of the issues important to them:


How can you say no to all that?!

As far as legislative seats, though, the Party merely had one success. Patten herself was a member of Parliament in the state of Victoria, having been elected in 2014. That’s the down side of being part of a provocative group: You get a ton of media attention, but others may not necessarily want to come on board.

That’s why the Australian Sex Party is no more. (Long live the Australian Sex Party.)

Patten has renamed it the Reason Party.

“Because there are so many people disengaged with politics, there are so many people who have been part of the major parties that have just lost faith in them, that is where we’re going to see our growth,” Ms. Patten said. “It’s going to be people steering away from the traditional parties and moving to Reason.”

Ms. Patten said the new party would involve more people and enable her to present workable solutions to issues such as changing the tax code and privacy. Since her announcement this week that she was creating the Reason Party, she said, 250 people have joined up.

The old website has also been updated. Unofficial slogan: “Commit an act of Reason.” So at least the sense of humor hasn’t changed.

As someone from the U.S., I feel very comfortable saying this “reason” thing sounds like a clever idea. Maybe in the future, we’ll give it a shot once again.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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