Joshua Feuerstein: Stop Whining About Joe Arpaio; Obama Pardoned More People August 25, 2017

Joshua Feuerstein: Stop Whining About Joe Arpaio; Obama Pardoned More People

Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein was quick to defend Donald Trump‘s pardon of disgraced convicted Sheriff Joe Arpaio tonight, saying that President Obama pardoned far more people so there.


So I see all these people on social media — all of the liberal left snowflakes that got triggered because President Trump pardoned Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now let me tell you why they are a hypocrite.

They’re crying over him pardoning Sheriff Joe, a man that served his country, on a six month sentence? Well, here’s a little fact check for you: Your President, Obama, pardoned 1,927 people, over 500 of those were life sentences, and they were mostly for drug dealers.

Think. About. That.

But most of all, think about the fact that Jesus Christ died 2,000 years ago on a cross so that he can pardon all of our sins. So who are we to cast stones that someone else would pardon another man of his debts when, in fact, Jesus Christ died so that he could pardon us of ours? I don’t see us complaining about that.

Feuerstein seriously thinks liberals are mad because Trump used a pardon, not because this particular pardon represents a complete abuse of power.

Since Feuerstein conveniently left it out — and because I doubt he has any clue what Arpaio did — Arpaio was convicted of a crime because he terrorized Latino people while serving as Sheriff. He racially profiled them. He kept them in camps in the sweltering heat. He made women sleep in their own menstrual blood because he didn’t provide people he locked up with sanitary pads. He ignored hundreds of sex crimes in which many of the victims were immigrants. He refused basic medical care to people in custody.

That’s why Trump’s pardon — even before Arpaio was sentenced to jail — is such a shock to the system. Arpaio didn’t deserve it. Trump is sending the message that people who break the law in a way that he likes will be let off the hook. The rule of law is irrelevant.

Meanwhile, Obama didn’t “pardon” all those people Feuerstein mentioned. That’s nuance that Feuerstein doesn’t get because he can’t read and talk out of his ass at the same time. Obama commuted the sentences of nonviolent drug offenders whose charges led to punishments that were far harsher than any decent person would find reasonable. Here’s how the Chicago Tribune explained it:

To be eligible for a commutation under Obama’s initiative, inmates had to have behaved well in prison and already served 10 years, although some exceptions to the 10-year rule were granted. They also had to be considered nonviolent offenders, although many were charged with firearms violations in relation to their drug crimes.

Obama personally reviewed the case of every inmate who received a commutation, often poring over case files in the evenings or calling his attorneys into his office to discuss specifics. Although a backlog of cases remains as Obama leaves office, his administration reviewed all applications that came in by an end-of-August deadline, officials said.

Feuerstein doesn’t get that. He will never get that. His popularity depends on spouting bullshit to an ignorant Christian fan base that can’t get enough of it.

As for his plea at the end, it’s beyond the pale that Feuerstein would use the torture of Latinos to promote belief in his God. But that’s what we’ve come to expect from evangelical Trump supporters. They lack any kind of moral compass.

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