David Barton: Obama Got Rid of Christian Military Leader. (He Retired in 2007.) August 24, 2017

David Barton: Obama Got Rid of Christian Military Leader. (He Retired in 2007.)

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton spent part of his WallBuilders Live radio show yesterday speaking with Jerry Boykin, a former Lieutenant General in the army and executive vice president of Christian hate group Family Research Council.

Just after the interview, as Barton was wrapping up, he noted that military leaders serve at the pleasure of the president, and that means a lot of the people in charge of the military right now were appointed by President Obama, making things more difficult for Donald Trump. But what happens when you’re Jerry Boykin, a military leader with decades of experience, and you disagree with Obama’s policies?

Apparently Obama pushes you out.

[The] reason Jerry is not an active duty, and it’s the same for any General, Generals do not get to serve at the pleasure of the military. They serve at the pleasure of the president.

So your promotion as a General and your service as a General is by the president and when the president says, “It’s time for you to retire,” as Jerry said, that’s it. You retire. You don’t get to serve another three weeks or another three years, you’re out. It’s not your term in enlistment, your term is over when the president says it is.

So if Obama wants to get rid of guys like Jerry, which he did, and bring in a different set of guys than he can do that. I mean, that’s the president’s prerogative.

Barton says that Obama got rid of Lt. Gen. Boykin because of their policy disagreements. While that’s at least plausible, Barton, as usual, didn’t do any research or he would’ve known that Boykin retired in 2007, more than a year before Obama was even elected.

Wow, that Obama had magical powers. He managed to force a man out of the military before he even set foot in the White House. That’s impressive.

Or David Barton is a liar. Your pick.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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