Pastor Rick Joyner: Racism Was Nearly Defeated, But Then Obama Got Elected August 22, 2017

Pastor Rick Joyner: Racism Was Nearly Defeated, But Then Obama Got Elected

Pastor Rick Joyner, the head of MorningStar Ministries, knows exactly why we’ve seen a rise in white supremacist groups in recent months. And his answer has nothing to do with racists being emboldened because they know they have an ally in the White House.

Instead, he’s blaming Barack Obama. Because racism was almost gone until he became President. (Seriously, that’s the argument.)


He made the comments in a video yesterday after first blaming the Black Lives Matter movement for “divisions” in America:

“Why do I say that?” Joyner said. “Because the white supremacist groups probably would not exist now if it had not been for Obama. They were just about fading out, we had just about dealt with racism in America.

Got that, black people? Racism was damn near eradicated until Obama came around. Didn’t you know that?

Joyner said he had high hopes for Obama to put the finishing touches on ending racism. But then he went and screwed it all up.

“That didn’t happen,” Joyner lamented. “It went the other direction, threw fuel on the fire of racism in our country.”

Right. Obama was the problem. Not the Republicans who questioned his place of birth, promised from day one they’d work to block everything he wanted to accomplish, forwarded racist memes, and then elected a white supremacist sympathizer to succeed him.

And all of that happened with a President who actually wanted what’s best for the country, where you agreed with him or not.

Imagine how angry and reactionary conservatives would be if Obama did or said a fraction of what Donald Trump is doing right now.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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