Christians Are Using #EmptyThePews To Explain Why They Left Their Churches August 20, 2017

Christians Are Using #EmptyThePews To Explain Why They Left Their Churches

While three separate councils assembled by Donald Trump have disbanded in the wake of his both-sides-ism following the white supremacist march in Charlottesville, the one group that has remained in place is his Evangelical Advisory Board.

Only one member has announced his resignation since last week: Pastor A.R. Bernard, who noted that he had unofficially left the group months ago.

It makes you wonder: What’s wrong with everyone else? Is there anything Trump can do that would push the other evangelical leaders away? How much will they put up with in exchange for more anti-abortion justices appointed to federal benches?

And why are members of their congregations going to church at all, lending their tacit support to everything Trump does, if they disagree with it? (Because, make no mistake, the Trump administration and white evangelical Christianity are fully intertwined at this point.)

Christopher Stroop‏, a former evangelical, thinks there’s only one thing that will convince these leaders to stop backing Trump: Their church members have to walk away. The loss of tithe money and the awful optics of a shrinking congregation is the only way they’ll ever change. To that end, he began the hashtag #EmptyThePews a couple of days ago to collect stories from evangelicals (and other ex-Christians) who walked away from their churches, explaining what the final straw was.

Here’s a sampling of what responders said:


It’s a lot of disturbing stuff. And sadly, there’s so much more where these came from right here.

The more people who share their stories, the better. And maybe, eventually, some of the people who remain in the pews will take the hint.

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