English Soccer Team Furious That Christian Activist Uses Stadium Image in Videos August 18, 2017

English Soccer Team Furious That Christian Activist Uses Stadium Image in Videos

I’ve posted a lot about Christian activist Dave Daubenmire, a man whose online show is full of irrational arguments and outright bigotry. But take a look at these screenshots from posts I’ve made about him




That background, which he’s been using for a couple of months now, is actually the home field for Sunderland AFC, a professional soccer team in England.

And for some strange reason, they’re not happy with being associated with Daubenmire’s bigotry.

The publication Chronicle Live says that a lawsuit — or at least the pressure of one — may already be in the works:

ChronicleLive understands officials are furious the club’s image is being co-opted by Daubenmire and are using legal channels to deal with the problem.

A devil’s advocate may say that a background of a soccer stadium is generic enough that no one would associate it with any one particular team. But in this case, you can see the writing in the seats. The team’s slogan “Ha’way The Lads” is visible in those screenshots. So the connection is clear to anyone familiar with the team. Imagine if Daubenmire used a background that included the Green Monster at Fenway Park. People would know.

For what it’s worth, Daubenmire seems to have changed his background two days ago. You can see the difference on his YouTube channel.

I’m sure he’ll say God told him it was time for a new view.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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