David Barton: If the Bible is Partly Accurate, Then It’s Entirely Accurate August 14, 2017

David Barton: If the Bible is Partly Accurate, Then It’s Entirely Accurate

Christian pseudo-historian David Barton had Creationist Ken Ham on his WallBuilders Live! radio show this morning to talk about the rainbow lights at Ark Encounter. That’s another story. But check out the introduction Barton at the beginning of the show (beginning at 1:45).

It’s amazing how many irrational things he says in the span of a minute.


… Ken had Answers in Genesis, and then he built the Creation Museum which is really high tech stuff, with the dinosaurs and the displays they have there. The science was there and the evidence was there.

No. Just no. There’s no science. There’s no evidence. There are literally people and dinosaurs in the same exhibits because Ham doesn’t understand dinosaurs died out about 65 million years before modern humans ever existed.

And then he built the Ark Experience [sic], Noah’s ark, an exact size as the Bible lays it out. “What’s that got to do with creation?” Well, anytime you prove the Bible to be accurate, you’re proving all the Bible to be accurate. So by proving that, yes, there could have been an ark like this, look how big it was, and yes it could have held all the animals.

Now the creation story is a lot more plausible, “I didn’t think that the ark could be real, I thought that was just a fantasy story but now I see it. Wow, it’s possible.” What he’s done is he’s really laid out the academic side of the apologetics for what the Bible actually teaches.

That’s a bizarre leap of logic, even for someone who lies for a living. Just because the Harry Potter books accurately describe King’s Cross Station doesn’t mean there are horcruxes to destroy. And just because there’s some accurate history in the Bible doesn’t mean God created us in six 24-hour days (before committing genocide and starting over).

I’m not surprised that Barton believes a partial truth is the same as the whole truth. After all, when it comes to completing his education, he thinks that having a bachelor’s degree means you can tell everyone you completed your Ph.D.

It doesn’t stop there. Barton buys every (overpriced) thing Ham is selling.

It really is important to be able to know that these aren’t myths and stories and that people actually can be swallowed by a great fish. That happened even a few years ago, a guy in Indonesia who was swallowed by fish kind of like Jonah was. So all this stuff that comes out and says, “These aren’t just fictional kind of mythical mystical stories. They’re real.”

I have no idea which fish-eating-man story Barton is referring to, but I assure you there’s no version of that story that includes a man living inside the mouth of a whale for three days.

Barton said all of that, by the way, before the interview even started. I have to hand it to him. He packs in a lot of lies as a prelude to even more lies.

(Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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