Even Televangelist Jim Bakker Got an Invitation to the White House August 7, 2017

Even Televangelist Jim Bakker Got an Invitation to the White House

We know Donald Trump is a connoisseur of bullshit. In fact, the new White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly has said one of his roles is to make sure he prevents bad information from getting to the President.

Here’s a suggestion: Want to stop bad information from reaching Trump? Then don’t invite shady televangelists to the White House.

Jim Bakker revealed on his show today that he was among the Christian leaders recently invited to Washington to meet with Trump’s team.


“The president has asked for the pastors, the leaders of Christianity, to come and advise them,” [Jim Bakker] said, as Lori [Bakker] explained that “the reason for the meeting was so that he can get the group of Christian leaders that have a platform to share the truth of what’s really going on that you don’t get to hear in the media.”

Lori noted that the members of the meeting they attended were able to write a letter to Trump that was hand delivered to him by his primary spiritual adviser, Paula White, and they were told by White House staff how much receiving letters means to the president.

“People think that their letters aren’t going to get to the president,” she said. “Well, guess what? They get to this president … so leaders need to say thank you.”

It’s irrelevant that Trump probably never read those letters because he was too busy picking fights on Twitter. That kind of access — to people who represent the most gullible far-right Christians out there — tells you everything you need to know about this administration.

They don’t care what experts have to say. They don’t care to hear from representatives of non-Christian or non-religious groups. They don’t care about progressive Christians since they may have voted against Trump. They only care about the sort of people who sell expensive buckets of disgusting food to scared seniors. Because if you can’t scare people into obeying you, what good is having all this power, right?

When the scandal-plagued huckster Jim Bakker is considered a source of wisdom for the President, you know our country is screwed.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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