Creationist Ken Ham is in a “Daily Battle” Against Facts August 7, 2017

Creationist Ken Ham is in a “Daily Battle” Against Facts

I had no idea the “secularist fake news media” existed, but apparently I’m a part of it!


That one’s getting framed.

I had no idea it was considered lying to share direct quotes from Ken Ham and compare them to things he’s said in the past. Or to keep you all updated on all the ways Ark Encounter changes ownership, switching between for-profit and non-profit, just to avoid paying their share of a local safety fee. Or to point out the complete lack of evidence-based science in the exhibits at both Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum.

But facts are fake to Ken Ham and Greg Locke, who live in Christian bubbles where only their beliefs are truth, and everyone else is just getting in the way of their alternative reality.

(By the way, Greg. Speaking to you as a friend here. Just because Ken tells you something doesn’t mean it’s true.)

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