Christian Activists: It’s “Unconscionable” That Gay Couples Can Adopt Children August 7, 2017

Christian Activists: It’s “Unconscionable” That Gay Couples Can Adopt Children

What do you do when you want to trash gay people but there just aren’t any recent stories to use as fodder?

Go back six years and talk about the horrors about a transgender child adopted by two lesbians.

That’s what conservative activist Matt Barber did on a recent episode of Gordon Klingenschmitt‘s Pray in Jesus Name webcast. The two men discussed how awful it was that same-sex couples were legally allowed to adopt children in certain states.


In the case of the transgender child, the men said that the lesbians were being abusive for allowing this child to be transgender. As if that’s a choice.

They went on the question the whole practice of same-sex adoption:

“Why is it okay for homosexuals to adopt children?” Klingenschmitt asked, before demanding to know why child protective services had not raided the home, seized the child, and put her parents in jail.

“It’s unconscionable that California law allows two women or two men who are engaged in a so-called same-sex marriage to go in and adopt a child and intentionally deprive that child or a mother or a father,” Barber responded, “and put them in a home where homosexual misbehavior, immorality and certainly behavior that leads to vastly increased risk of sexually transmitted disease … For them to model this immoral, unethical and unhealthy behavior, it’s unconscionable that California would permit that to happen.”

Just because you have gay parents, adoptive or otherwise, doesn’t make you gay.

Just because you’re transgender doesn’t mean your parents did something right or wrong.

And it’s unbelievable that these men would rather see children go unadopted than be in a loving home under the care of a same-sex couple.

Conservative Christians like to say homosexuality is a sin, but so is everything else. Gluttony, greed, envy, supporting women’s rights, etc. But only homosexuality is targeted here… as usual. You’ll never hear the Christian Right say, “This straight overweight couple shouldn’t be allowed to adopt because they’re living in sin.” It’s an awful argument, to be sure, but Christians like them have selective outrage when it comes to sinning.

I’m still trying to figure out what they think will happen to the adopted children of same-sex couples. What sort of immorality will occur? What are they being deprived of? Should single (let’s say Christian) parents be forbidden from adopting children, too, since those kids would be missing either a mother or father?

It’s completely illogical and there’s no justification for this kind of bigotry. Which is why it takes men like these to make the argument. No sensible person would ever do it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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