KY Governor (and Science Denier) Matt Bevin Visited Ark Encounter Yesterday August 6, 2017

KY Governor (and Science Denier) Matt Bevin Visited Ark Encounter Yesterday

In case you’re wondering what Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin was up to this weekend, he was touring Ark Encounter.

I guess he wanted to see first-hand how anyone could spend $100 million while accomplishing nothing of value.


Maybe I’m giving him too much credit. Bevin is a conservative Christian through and through, and that applies to science. This is a man, after all, who called climate change “fluff and theory.” He thinks prayer can stop violence, signed a proclamation declaring 2017 the “Year of the Bible,” and (most importantly for this situation) didn’t appeal a judge’s decision to give a tourism-related tax rebate worth around $18 million over ten years to Ken Ham‘s ministry even though they were discriminating in hiring.

Even after Ham’s shenanigans trying to change ownership of Ark Encounter to avoid paying a local safety fee, which resulted in the temporary suspension of their tax rebate, it was a board Bevin appointed that reinstated Ark Encounter so it could get that money again.

And don’t forget that Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton spoke at Ark Encounter on its opening day.

Visiting the Ark isn’t illegal. Even President Jimmy Carter wanted to look around.

But I would have more faith in Kentucky’s leadership if Bevin would issue some statement about how Creationism isn’t sound science and has no business being taught in public schools. Too bad he would never say something like that. He doesn’t believe it.

(Thanks to Dan for the link)

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