Pastor Rick Joyner: God Will Destroy Anyone Who Gets in the Way of Donald Trump August 5, 2017

Pastor Rick Joyner: God Will Destroy Anyone Who Gets in the Way of Donald Trump

Pastor Rick Joyner, the head of MorningStar Ministries, wants you to know that if you come after Donald Trump, God is going to smite you.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat, part of #TheResistance, or a Republican who just wants some semblance of checks and balances.


“Trump isn’t going anywhere,” he said. “Watch everybody fall who goes after him. Watch it.”

“It’s because he has a divine purpose,” Joyner added. “God put him there and only God is going to be able to take him out. You watch what happens to everyone else who tries. Watch what happens to our Congress, watch what happens to Republicans who are obstructionist and devious in their methods too, who claim to be one thing and turn out to be the opposite. Watch what God does in these days.”

We can sit back and watch the further erosion of our democracy… or take action against a destructive arrogant buffoon who puts his own interests ahead of the country he serves and wait for God to strike.

I’ll take my chances with the latter. After all, given all the things Christians say God disapproves of, and how He’s never taken action on people who participate in any of them, it seems like He’s preoccupied. And has been for thousands of years.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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