Christian Pastor: “LBGT” Philosophy Comes “Right Out of the Pit of Hell” August 3, 2017

Christian Pastor: “LBGT” Philosophy Comes “Right Out of the Pit of Hell”

The other day, I mentioned that Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne, one of the men who met with Donald Trump a few weeks ago and touched his shoulder in prayer, claimed that the prayer was to protect the President from an imminent attack. When asked for details by the Secret Service, he refused to say anything.

Gary Dull of the Pennsylvania Pastors Network said earlier this week that he knows exactly who’s going to attack Trump: The gays.

They — because they’re all one monolithic group — are mad that Trump wants to ban transgender people from the military, and this is how they plan to retaliate.


Dull cited threats he has personally received, which he said came from “the LGBT group,” and which he said proves that “there is a hatred” within the LGBTQ community. Dull went on to explain that threats from LGBTQ people aren’t surprising “because the philosophy of the ‘LBGT’ group comes right out of the pit of hell” and because “Satan’s mission statement is in the first part of John 10 where it says, ‘The thief cometh but not for to kill and steal and destroy,’ and you see that in the LGBT group and other groups out there that are anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-Christian.”

In case you’re curious, there’s no evidence of an attack against the President from an LGBT group. Not that Christians like Dull have ever cared about evidence.

If that phrase “pit of hell” sounds familiar, by the way, it might be because it was uttered in 2012 by then-Rep. Paul Broun. The man who sat on the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology was referring to evolution, embryology, and the Big Bang. (Seriously.)

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube. Thanks to John for the link)

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