BYU-Idaho Wanted to Know Why a Student Dropped Out, So She Told Them the Truth August 3, 2017

BYU-Idaho Wanted to Know Why a Student Dropped Out, So She Told Them the Truth

A former student at Brigham Young University–Idaho received an email yesterday from the school asking her to fill out a short survey about why she “discontinued” her studies there.

She didn’t fill out the survey. She couldn’t. Instead, she just sent them back this short message.


Your survey didn’t let me log in, I didn’t return to BYU because I was raped by a student and the honor office and Dean Harris held me accountable and suspended me for it. Do not email me again. Thank you

While I can’t confirm those details, the person who posted that email on the ex-Mormon subreddit told me last night that police didn’t have enough evidence to pursue a case, which led the school’s “Student Honor Office” to assume she had consensual sex… which is why they suspended her. (Pre-marital sex is banned on campus.)

Adding insult to injury, when she returned home, she still had to “go through a repentance process” with her bishop.

That’s when she decided it was time to leave the Mormon Church for good.

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