Anti-Transgender Pastor Celebrates the End of His Facebook Punishment August 3, 2017

Anti-Transgender Pastor Celebrates the End of His Facebook Punishment

Pastor Greg Locke, a man who has far more confidence than he’s earned, is celebrating the end of his temporary Facebook ban.

He wasn’t even kicked off the network. He just couldn’t post any videos for about 24 hours after a recent video slamming transgender people was flagged as offensive. In it, he said that, not long ago, “anybody with an education and a medical degree would’ve proclaimed it as multiple personality disorder.”

He seems to think Facebook was making some sort of value judgment about his beliefs — as if the whole company voted to shut him up — instead of the more likely scenario that some algorithm removed the video based on complaints, and some human confirmed that this fell into hate speech. (Atheists’ videos and pages are frequently removed due to complaints, but they appeal that move and their videos and pages are usually restored before long.)

There’s a difference between stating your opinion, which pastors do all the time on Facebook, and falling into hate speech. So a Joshua Feuerstein video whining about red Starbucks cups is opinionated, faith-based, dumb, and within the standards… which videos in which he holds a gun while talking about his enemies may well be flagged.

That’s why Locke’s celebration is so strange. He’s acting like a martyr even though no one’s really stopping him from voicing his ignorant intolerant opinions.


Let me explain something to you, Facebook. I have a blue verified checkmark with over a million legitimate followers on one page for a reason. And that is, I have not violated your community standards.

As someone who also has a blue verified checkmark on Facebook, I can tell you this argument is illogical. Just because you’re verified doesn’t mean you’re immune from violating the community standards.

Do you not watch anything that I post? 20 million views, nearly, on a Target video last year in their bathroom fiasco, and now, all of a sudden, I violate your community standards? No. What I did is I tipped over the sacred cow of this perverted evil corrupt culture of the LGBTQ crowd and you bowed to the criticism and the judgmentalism and you sided with them rather than siding with me.

Again. Facebook as a company doesn’t “take sides” on these issues. (They also don’t have time to watch your videos.) There are ways to decide if content has descended into hate speech. Just because a previous controversial video met the standards doesn’t mean all future controversial videos will do the same.

This isn’t hard to understand. Locke is either ignorant of all this or he’s trying to make himself look like a hero knowing his followers are even more gullible than he is.

This preacher is not for sale! And so I suppose this video is me reporting to my probation officer. It’ll probably be taken down as hate-filled vitriolic nonsense. But at the end of the day, I’m going to speak the truth of the word of God!

Buddy, you could be on the clearance rack, and no one would buy you.

In any case, this video probably won’t be taken down since it doesn’t violate any rules. But if it is, Locke doesn’t need to worry. I already made a backup. (*high five*) I wouldn’t let anyone forget how much hate Christ put in his heart.

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