Christian Activist: Same-Sex Summer Camps and Sleepovers Attract Sodomites August 2, 2017

Christian Activist: Same-Sex Summer Camps and Sleepovers Attract Sodomites

Linda Harvey, the antigay activist with the group Mission America, recently reminded us we needed to stop “using the anus as a substitute vagina” because only Satan liked that.

Besides being the worst sex ed lesson ever, it also raised an important question: Where would guys even get the idea to do that?

Now we have an answer: Summer camp. And sleepovers. Anywhere where people of the same sex gather in one place.


Harvey explained all of this to conservative activist Molly Smith who hosts a show called From the Median:

Harvey warned that “any time there is any kind of same-sex environment — I do not mean same-sex homosexuality, I mean boys together doing things together, girls together — it attracts the people that would take advantage of them, and then it will be someone of the same sex, so access is what these people want.

Harvey continued, “They want access to youth and access even to corruption. It might not be sexual, but it might just be moral corruption of some kind, their older peers who also are corrupted already. You know, so many kids are into pornography and homosexual pornography is part of that. You know, kids are sexualized early only online, you don’t even have to have somebody involved in it. So those may be the people that your kids are in a sleepover with or at camp with, you know, is these kids who are already highly sexualized and nobody may know it, but it’ll come out in the middle of the night.

The solution is obvious: All summer camps must be co-ed with each tent containing one girl and one boy. Problem solved! Jesus will be thrilled. Nothing can possibly go wrong.

Is Harvey aware that church groups routinely have separate boys’ and girls’ camps? I guess every youth pastor needs to be on a criminal watch program.

Does she have any idea that proximity doesn’t turn you gay?

Has anyone told her that young people experiment sexually regardless of the environment they’re in? (Talk to teachers who chaperone middle school field trips and high school dances, and you’re bound to hear some eye-popping stories.)

Nah. She’s ignorant about all of this. She only knows stereotypes and bigotry and she builds her theories around them.

Her dream scenario, it seems, is for all adolescents to spend their days in isolated chambers where someone drops off food and water twice a day. Sure, it’s constricting, but at least they’re not sodomizing anyone.

Give her another month and she’ll argue that masturbation is evil because it’s just latent homosexuality.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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