NFL Player D.J. Reader: Dinosaurs Aren’t Real and Fossils Are Fake July 29, 2017

NFL Player D.J. Reader: Dinosaurs Aren’t Real and Fossils Are Fake

Adding to the growing amount of evidence that football players have something wrong with their heads, Houston Texans defensive tackle D.J. Reader now claims he doesn’t believe in dinosaurs.

His teammate, defensive end J.J. Watt, said as much on Twitter this afternoon:




This comes months after NBA star Kyrie Irving claimed the Earth was flat.

Irving doesn’t get repeatedly hit in the head every game. He doesn’t even have an excuse.

If this is a joke, Reader isn’t offering any hint that he’s in on it. He’s the butt of the joke, not the guy pointing out the facts.

It’s worth pointing out that Reader attended Clemson University, a school whose football coach is famous for pushing his Christian faith onto his players.

But this goes beyond religion. Even Young Earth Creationists like Ken Ham believe in the existence of dinosaurs. Sure, they wrongly think dinosaurs lived at the same time as humans. And sure, you’ll find random people online who think fossils were planted by Satan to deceive us. But Reader’s views can’t even be pinned on religious indoctrination.

It’s just plain ignorance.

At least we know Reader’s on the right team. Texas will love him. And with atheist football star Arian Foster no longer playing for Houston, who knows if he even has a teammate who can set him straight.

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