Another Christian Pastor, Another Anti-Transgender Tirade July 28, 2017

Another Christian Pastor, Another Anti-Transgender Tirade

There’s no shortage of conservatives who have applauded Donald Trump‘s attempt to tweet-ban all transgender people from the military. But I’ll single out this one in particular because (1) it’s our friend Pastor Greg Locke, (2) it’s just incredibly vile, and (3) the range of bigotry is truly impressive.


(Update: Facebook banned the video, but I have re-uploaded a copy to YouTube)

Let’s go through it bit by bit…

… I never could have realized last year when my Target video went bonkers viral that we were still going to be fighting this transgender nonsense almost every single day.

Yes. His life is very hard. These pesky trans people keep demanding civil rights and Locke has to hear about it.

The LGBTQ — whatever their acronym is now — crowd has effectively crammed this down our throat and made it one of their number one agendas.

Actually, Christians blocking civil rights protections and opportunities for trans people is why this is still an issue.

And how many “number one agendas” can people have? Either it’s at the top of the list or it’s not. Jesus. Learn some math.

Last year, Loretta Lynch, when she was in power, tried to proclaim that transgender rights are the same as civil rights. Which should be extraordinarily offensive to any African-American who knows the history of all that they’ve had to go through to get the actual rights that they have today.

If only our first African-American Attorney General, whose grandfather “helped black people who had been falsely accused escape the Jim Crow South,” knew something about her own history… (Update: Lynch is the first female African-American Attorney General. My mistake.)

LGBT rights are civil rights. They’re a minority group, subject to false stereotypes by ignorant people (usually Christians), who are fighting for the right to be happy, be with someone they love, work the same jobs as everyone else, use public facilities without hassle, and who make incremental progress (with occasional big leaps) until conservatives do everything they can to push them back. That story isn’t unique in American history.

Transgenderism is not a civil right. It’s not normal. It’s anti-biblical.

And I’m sorry, just because I have morals and values, that does not make me a discriminatory bigot. And I’m sick of the day and age in which we live when people call good “evil” and evil they call “good.” And yet God said it was going to take place.

Trans people have morals and values, too, you bigot. And what’s “normal” anyway? People who are just like you? No thanks.

Maybe one day you’ll flip away from the Book of Leviticus and check out the Sermon on the Mount. Or the parts where Jesus helps people who are oppressed.

Here’s Bruce Jenner’s fiasco. You have the Target bathroom nonsense. The whole North Carolina deal. Over and over and over again. They’re trying to make us think, especially our children, that transgenderism is normal when, ten years ago, anybody with an education and a medical degree would’ve proclaimed it as multiple personality disorder.

Listen, Pastor Dick. (Sorry, is that not your name? Would you prefer I call you something different? Or can I just call you whatever I want, because this is all about me.)

If you had a medical degree (or an education, for that matter), you’d understand that our knowledge of complicated issues evolves over time and (hopefully) becomes more accurate. While being transgender was never considered multiple personality disorder — since that suggests a complete misunderstanding of both labels — our awareness of what it is and how to deal with it is so much better today than it was 10 years ago, and that’s in large part because a lot of courageous trans people were willing to come out.

But even if you don’t understand trans people, it doesn’t mean you have to go out of your way to hurt them. Which is exactly what conservative Christians are doing.

Yes, I’m a pastor and I said that in a Facebook video. And no, I won’t apologize. I’m going to be kind and I’m going to be loving, but it’s not normal.

When does this loving and kindness start? Because it sure as shit isn’t in this video.

It’s sick behavior that we cannot make excuses for. So regardless of what President Trump does with his ban on transgenders in the military, I don’t care. I’m just against the foolishness of it from the word “go.”

It’s a slippery slope. Now you have trans species. Trans this. Trans that.

Let me tell you what I’m all about: I’m all about gospel transformation.

Yes… civil rights for trans people are a slippery slope. Next thing you know, we’ll have equal rights for other oppressed people. WHEN DOES THIS MADNESS END?!

Remember what this is all about: There are transgender people in our military. Many of them are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the right of people like Locke to spew this hate. And he’s inspired-by-Jesus angry because those people just want to be left the hell alone.

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