Christian Leader: I “Rebuked” Death and Resurrected a Comatose Woman July 25, 2017

Christian Leader: I “Rebuked” Death and Resurrected a Comatose Woman

Donald Trump-approved “Christian leaderMary Colbert has said in the past that God will curse the descendants of anyone who criticizes the President. She has also said Trump’s proposed border wall is fine since even Heaven has a gate.

On a recent episode of SkyWatch TV, Colbert told a story about how she and her husband met a comatose woman in a hospital. They laid hands on the woman, “rebuked the spirit of death,” and wouldn’t you know it, the woman was just fine two days later!


… Don and I recently walked into an ICU, woman comatose, pulling the plug, flat-lined, EEG, family, everybody’s going… laid hands, rebuked the spirit of death off of her, and we turned to the daughters and the family and said, “In two days, she’s gonna wake up, and when she does, give us a call.” And the whole family — one of the family members was an RN, ICU nurse, who sat with her arms folded and glaring at Don, my husband… and folded her arms and looked at him, like, “How dare you, as a doctor, do that? You know better. She’s dead. She’s gone. And up against that spirit of death.”

And the spirit of God told me to tell them, in two days, she will wake up, and when she does, she’ll need to do some exercise to get strong. But she’s gonna be just fine!

Two days, one hour short of… 48 hours, my phone’s blowing up. “Please call. My mom woke up.” And she said that they had her exercising in the hallways at the hospital to get her legs strong

I have so many questions…

— Did Colbert just randomly walk into this room and put her hands on a patient?
— How did she randomly get into the ICU? Hospitals have security.
— Does she make these predictions of everybody? Because that has to be awkward when someone dies.
— Can any doctor confirm that this patient was medically dead and came back to life?
— How specific was this prophecy when Colbert made it?
— Do we have this woman’s medical records?
— Is there video of the patient? What about Colbert making the prophecy?
— Why did this patient supposedly come back to life when others don’t?
— If Colbert has this magical power, why isn’t she using it on other patients?
— What hospital was this?

We’re not going to get answers to any of these questions, because Christian “faith-healers” never offer those details. They tell vague inspirational stories that defy fact-checking or follow-up in the hopes that their gullible Christian audiences will just accept whatever’s being said as if it’s all true.

Just look at the co-hosts of the show as she tells this story. They smile. They clap. And they ask no questions.

No wonder Colbert loves Trump. They both use the same tactics to win over their audiences. And whenever they’re in front of a friendly crowd, they know damn well that their lies will be swallowed whole.

The people who ask tough questions, after all, are the bad guys.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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