Podcast Ep. 173: Creationists Can’t Do Math, Either July 22, 2017

Podcast Ep. 173: Creationists Can’t Do Math, Either

In our latest podcast, Jessica and I discussed the past week in politics and atheism. (We also have a new Patreon page!)


We discussed:

— Ark Encounter lost a tax rebate worth up to $18 million to avoid a 50-cent-per-ticket safety fee.

— Creationists are mocking Flat Earthers for taking the Bible too literally. Really.

— The “inspirational” Mormon story that is anything but uplifting.

— The MN town that shut down a “free speech zone” to prevent Satanists from using it.

— How Wisconsin is considering a bill that would make it harder to train OB/GYNs.

— The BYU-Idaho professor who lost her job for supporting LGBT equality.

— The Boy Scouts may allow girls before they allow atheist boys.

— The African-American pastor who renounced his ordination with the Southern Baptist Convention.

— The Muslim Democrat running for Senate who received a surprising message from her Republican opponent.

Richard Dawkins getting de-platformed by a radio station in Berkeley, CA.

— Doctor Who isn’t a man. And other things Hemant doesn’t understand.

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