Ole Miss Football Coach Who Never Stopped Talking About God Resigns in Disgrace July 22, 2017

Ole Miss Football Coach Who Never Stopped Talking About God Resigns in Disgrace

University of Mississippi head football coach Hugh Freeze had a great reputation over his five-year tenure at the school. A 2014 article about him in Bleacher Report was even titled, “Good Guys Finish 1st: The Hugh Freeze Story.”


Part of why he was so revered was because, like many Southern football coaches, he wasn’t just a coach. He was a man of deep faith. You wouldn’t read many articles about him that didn’t also mention his Christianity.

On Thursday, Freeze resigned from his job after public records revealed that the Ole Miss coach had used a university-issued phone to dial an escort service. (He said he called the wrong number.) There were other issues as well, including potential NCAA violations, but that detail got the most attention for obvious reasons. If he hadn’t resigned, he was going to get fired.

I don’t actually care about his personal life. What two adults do with each other in a consensual way is their business. But it’s the hypocrisy that’s so troubling. His preaching was so blatant, the Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to Ole Miss administrators urging them to crack down on it. And all this time, while Freeze was extolling the virtue of God to the media and his players, he was living what he’d likely call a “life of sin.”

While Freeze was allegedly busy breaking NCAA rules and making phone calls to people he wasn’t ever going to recruit, here’s what he was tweeting using his official school account:

That’s just a sampling. It goes on for a while.

Ole Miss is on the lookout for a new coach. Let’s hope they can find one who doesn’t have to constantly declare his faith to the world because his actions speak for themselves.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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