Bryan Fischer: When Jesus Returns, He’ll Pick the Bigots To Rule Beside Him July 22, 2017

Bryan Fischer: When Jesus Returns, He’ll Pick the Bigots To Rule Beside Him

What’s the meaning of life? According to Religious Right activist Bryan Fischer, it’s to get ready for the Second Coming of Jesus.

And the best way to prepare for Him, Fischer said on his radio show this week, is to make sure we’re all as anti-gay as possible so that Jesus knows we’re fit to govern in the New World Order.


When Christ returns, he is going to rule on the surface of the earth,” Fischer said, “and he is going to be asking us to help him run things. We’re now going to be under Christ’s reign in positions of authority to help him manage and direct and govern the Kingdom of God as it comes to earth and as it is administered on earth.”

Fischer said that Christ is watching everyone alive today, looking for those he can trust to help him govern when he returns, “so when we talk about issues like homosexuality and the standards for marriage and sexuality and all that stuff, this is all a part of God preparing us to help him run the world right for the first time.”

That means our choices are to make LGBTQ lives miserable in order to please a Christian prophet who rewards bigotry… or fight for equal rights for everyone because we live in this world right now.

I can’t believe there are people who could look at those two choices and think the first one is a viable option. But that’s what religious fundamentalism does to you.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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