Is Trumpism Becoming Its Own Religion? July 21, 2017

Is Trumpism Becoming Its Own Religion?

A recent poll found that 45% of Donald Trump voters would still support him if he “shot someone on 5th Avenue,” and that almost 80% think he should stay in office even if it is proven that he colluded with Russia to upset the 2016 election.

To me, this looks a lot like religious devotion.


We all know at least a few Trumpists. They will always support Trump no matter what he says or does, and they will cling to their beliefs regardless of the evidence presented to them. They are the True Believers™, but the faith is not founded in dogma or scriptures. Instead, they are faithful to the idea that Trump will Make America Great Again.

I’m not the only one who has noticed this trend toward unflinching loyalty to Trump:

Some claim that Trumpism is a “cult” and not a religion. I have to disagree, however, considering how a religion is just a cult with more power.

This thread comes from a professor of religion who cautions us against trying to fight Trumpism with logic or reason — since faith is impervious to those. (The whole thread is worth reading but a few excerpts are below.)

Hemant has even drawn attention to this phenomenon in a video aptly titled “A Rant About the Man In Charge.”

Some people, it seems, just live in a bubble and they don’t want to hear information that might contradict all the things the already believe. We can point out all the ways they’re delusional: the obvious hypocrisy, the never-ending stream of lies, the misogyny, the cult of personality… the accusations of sexual assault, the inability to see where all the money is going… and for a lot of people, none of this will make one damn bit of difference…

As he admits, it’s hard to tell if he’s talking about Trump or religion.

It’s clear that some people are treating support for Trump as their own personal religion, but what’s not so obvious is how to fix it. Some have said Trumpism can be cured, but I don’t know if that’s possible right now. Unless Republicans in power are willing to become apostates, at least temporarily, nothing will change no matter how much evidence there exists in favor of secularism.

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