The Crab Has a Bad Case of Jesus July 20, 2017

The Crab Has a Bad Case of Jesus

I guess it’s better than the other way around…?

Washington State park ranger Regis Swanson‏ said she noticed this crab yesterday when it flipped over. Its belly stood out:


“We dropped several crab pots but didn’t have any keepers until this pot was pulled up,” Regis Swanson told KIRO 7. “The crab was crawling up the cage and flipped over showing her belly when I noticed the Jesus face!”

Swanson says the crab was thrown back into the water.

Which I can only assume is now wine.

For the uninitiated, this is what’s know as pareidolia. You could say this looks like the Burger King mascot as much as Jesus because we tend to “see” human faces everywhere. It’s amusing, but it sure as hell isn’t a miracle.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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