Right-Winger: Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Stink Because Liberal Men Are “All Gay” July 19, 2017

Right-Winger: Megyn Kelly’s Ratings Stink Because Liberal Men Are “All Gay”

Why have Megyn Kelly‘s ratings suffered since jumping to NBC News? Maybe it’s because her interviews haven’t been hard-hitting. Or because she was giving a platform to people like Alex Jones. Or because liberals don’t trust the former Fox News Channel anchor. Or because her puff pieces don’t do much for an audience that desires news critical of Donald Trump.

None of those explanations makes sense to right-wing commentator and conspiracy theorist Wayne Allyn Root. On his radio show earlier this week, Root explained Kelly’s poor ratings by stating what he felt was obvious: Liberal men must be gay.


“Outside of Fox News, you have no support,” he continued. “You had the hottest show in the country, my friend, and what did you do? You spit in our face. Now you’re done. All those Republican men who appreciate beautiful women, we don’t like you anymore, we’re never going to give you the time of day, Megyn Kelly. Who’s left? Liberal women won’t like you because you’re coming from Fox News and liberal men, well, they’re all gay or they don’t appreciate pretty women.”

“Real men like beautiful women,” Root said. “Liberal men? You could walk into a room and they wouldn’t even notice. They’re too busy worrying about the poor. They don’t care about beautiful legs, they don’t care about your beautiful face and your blonde hair and your tight skirt. They don’t care!”

Well, at least he admits that liberals are interested in what a woman has to say while conservatives only appreciate women to the extent that they’re pleasant to look at.

I love that last thing he said: Liberal men are “too busy worrying about the poor” to notice how hot someone is. How dare liberals have compassion when they should be ogling newswomen?!

And then Root some words of advice for Kelly.

“You are a traitor,” he fumed. “Eat dirt. Have a nice life. Goodbye. Adios. Go to Mexico, you’re not wanted here anymore.”

I can’t imagine why she wanted to get away from the Fox News bubble…

This isn’t Root’s first time describing all liberals in the worst possible way. He said last month that men should avoid dating “liberal woman with cats” because they’ll “cut your pee-pee off, I promise you.”

He also compared criticism of Trump to the crucifixion of Jesus… which I think says more about his religion than liberals.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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