Iowa GOP Leader: Atheist’s Invocation Was Intended to “Destroy Christianity” July 18, 2017

Iowa GOP Leader: Atheist’s Invocation Was Intended to “Destroy Christianity”

The last time I wrote about Iowa Republican National Committee member Tamara Scott, it was because she claimed the removal of (forced) prayer from public school led to “assault, rape, murder.”


She recently went on WHO Newsradio 1040 to discuss an atheist invocation given earlier this month at a meeting of the Oskaloosa City Council. It was an excellent, inclusive speech offered by activist Justin Scott… so what exactly did she have to say about it to host Jeff Angelo?

I can’t embed it, but you can listen to the segment here.

Look what’s happened just since we took prayer out of the schools, Jeff. Scores plummeted, violence went up, you know, parents divorced. From a simple 22-word prayer going out of school.

I have no idea how that connects to an atheist who wants equal treatment from the city council, but she seems to love making that bullshit argument.

(I can play that game too. Christians came to this country, and then we saw a rise in Ebola. #Checkmate.)

Angelo piped in with an idiotic comment of his own, comparing what Justin did to sponsoring a booth at an event urging people not to run a 5K. Silly, right? No. Because Justin was combatting government endorsement of religion. Asking people to run a race isn’t the same thing as the government saying only religious people —
really just Christians — are allowed to give opening invocations at meetings.

Scott continued:

those who come against Christianity want to destroy Christianity.

Our Founding Fathers created a Christian nation. We definitely have a Christian background. The Declaration of Independence. We celebrated it just July 4, and two days later, this city council is having an atheist come speak?! Can you imagine the men that sacrificed their families and their fortunes, and they mentioned not just several gods in the Declaration of Independence, but the one true God — four different times.

There’s no mistaking that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. And they did it because they knew what made better Christians made better citizens. Because law only punishes crime but Christianity changes the heart and prevents it. And once you take those principles out, that’s when you start seeing what we’re seeing today, Jeff.

You see the Ferguson. You see the riots. You see the Antifa. You see the Resistance. And when you take away that heart of prevention, then government has to become more authoritarian and coercion…

There you have it. Fighting to protect church/state separation? That’s not an option. Justin must have been trying to destroy Christianity! Which means he WANTED TO START ANOTHER FERGUSON.

Christ, this person has no ability to think critically, does she? No wonder she leads the Republicans.

Angelo noted at that point that Justin mentioned evolution — therefore, he was throwing “sand in your face” if you were a person of faith. As if a casual reference to science must be anti-Christian.

It’s unbelievable how bent out of shape these Christians get over an atheist wanting nothing more than the same opportunity to address the city council that Christians get all the time. There’s nothing Justin could’ve said that would’ve satisfied them. In their world, atheists should sit down and shut up while Christians take over the government. Because that’s what freedom of religion means.

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