Christian Writer: Barack Obama Was “America’s Worst President” July 18, 2017

Christian Writer: Barack Obama Was “America’s Worst President”

In an article that somehow never once mentions the name Donald Trump, conservative commentator Larry Tomczak makes his case for why Barack Obama was “America’s Worst President.”

Many of his reasons boil down to how Obama wasn’t a True Christian™ because he supported women’s rights and LGBTQ equality. The only True Christian™, we all know, are Tomczak and his buddies.


2. As a candidate, Obama assured Americans of his conviction on the sanctity of marriage as only between a man and a woman, then once elected, pivoted to endorse homosexual marriage and said his finest moment of 2015 was celebrating the SCOTUS ruling as he lit up the White House in rainbow colors. He emphatically and unapologetically gave hearty approbation to what Scripture calls an “abomination.”

3. Upon election, he became a staunch proponent and defender of both the dismemberment of unborn babies in abortion plus endorsed financial support for Planned Parenthood, which executes nearly 900 children daily. He pronounced “God bless you!” on them at their convention, shocking the sensibilities of tens of millions of pro-life Americans.

8. His aggressive advocacy of the LGBTQ agenda brought devastation to the future of the traditional family as he endorsed gay marriage, promoted transgenderism in schools, undermined the Defense of Marriage Act, celebrated the homosexual lifestyle by affirming people “coming out” and appointed unprecedented numbers of gay proponents to government and military positions. His policy instructing the military to recruit transgenders is only one example of his initiatives promoting what’s been labeled the “gayification” of the U.S. Armed Forces.

There you go. The President who supported love, and bodily autonomy, and said we shouldn’t say no to someone willing to fight for this country on the basis of their gender or sexual orientation is the absolute worst. I mean, he supposed gayification. Aren’t you scared?!

Some presidents were involved with scandals like Watergate. Some got us into unnecessary wars. Some presidents owned slaves.

But Obama was the worst because he supported civil rights and the Constitution. Good thing Trump rescued us from all that awfulness and everything is just great now…

How’s that for white evangelical thinking in a nutshell?

Tomczak could’ve stuck to a list of criticisms that were, at least on the surface, sensible. You can argue that Obama’s policy decisions were the wrong ones, though even on his bad days, there’s no compelling case to be made that he didn’t have the country’s best interests in mind. But to add to that a list a bunch of reasons that even many Christians would disagree with in order to support an argument that makes no sense?

No wonder this was published on Charisma‘s website. No reasonable publication would ever let him get away with this much ignorance.

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