It Started With Bible Trivia. It Ended in a Fatal Stabbing July 16, 2017

It Started With Bible Trivia. It Ended in a Fatal Stabbing

Timothy Parsons, a prisoner from West Virginia, has been charged with killing fellow prisoner Eugene Anderson by stabbing him with a makeshift knife 20 times. It was in response to Anderson allegedly trying to get another prisoner to harm Parsons — kill or be killed, I guess.


But what set this all in motion? The Bible, naturally.

Prosecutors say Parsons defeated Anderson in a game of Bible knowledge at the Mount Olive Correctional Institute.

After the game, authorities say Anderson tried to set up a prison hit on Parsons. But prosecutors say Parsons stabbed Anderson 20 times.

I guess they replaced “Love thy neighbor” with “You killed my Father. Prepare to die.”

Parsons was sentenced to life in prison in 2013 after he killed his wife and mother-in-law. He’ll be sentenced for this killing in September.

(Thanks to Grant for the link)

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