Christian Leader Says, Without Proof, That Speaker Converted Atheist in Minutes July 11, 2017

Christian Leader Says, Without Proof, That Speaker Converted Atheist in Minutes

There’s a Christian conference called “Reclaiming America for Christ” taking place in Oklahoma this weekend, and a press release for the event included this under-the-radar anecdote:


“Building off the popularity of recent hit movies like The Case For Christ and God Is Not Dead, this year’s conference will focus exclusively upon the factuality of the Christian faith,” said organizer, Paul Blair. “The last time Dr. [Frank] Turek spoke in Oklahoma, an atheist who stepped up to challenge him during his Q&A ended up joining us in prayer by the end of his presentation. His message is incredibly powerful.”

That’s it. That’s all we’re told. Talk about burying the lede!

Can we find out more about this? What did Turek say that was so damn convincing? Who was this atheist who magically found God within the span of a few minutes? Can we talk to him? Is there video of this exchange?

Was his name “Einstein“?

Or is this just another story made up by Christians to promote their supposed “factuality”?

These are the kinds of anecdotes you hear whenever a faith-healer or psychic or religious apologist is coming to town and needs to sell tickets. The stories are always vague and there’s never any proof to go along with it.

Don’t fall for it. If this sort of thing actually happened, organizers would be parading that former atheist everywhere they went and posting video of the exchange for everyone to see.

The fact that the story was hidden in the middle of a press release tells you exactly how seriously you should take it.

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