UFC Fighter Who Said He’d Win Because God Surrounds Him Loses Title Fight July 10, 2017

UFC Fighter Who Said He’d Win Because God Surrounds Him Loses Title Fight

Yoel Romero, a.k.a. the “Soldier of God,” was hoping to claim the UFC interim middleweight title on Saturday night. And before his fight against Robert Whittaker, he was fully confident he’d take the match because God had his back.


“Jesus!” Romero yelled, pounding his chest before working up a sweat at the Park Theater in the Monte Carlo Resort and Casino.

And why will he come out ahead against the younger upstart who’s already knocked off one contender-to-be?

“Because god is on my left, and god is on my right,” Romero said.

That’s right. He was flanked by God. And Whittaker had no chance against the Holy Trinity.

I guess Whittaker didn’t get the memo. He later defeated Romero in a unanimous decision.

Robert Whittaker is your new UFC interim middleweight champion.

The 26-year-old New Zealand native completed one of the sport’s great underdog runs on Saturday, battling back from early adversity to defeat Yoel Romero via unanimous decision and capture gold at UFC 213.

I wonder why Romero didn’t mention God in post-fight interviews… It’s almost like he hoped we’d all just forget his prediction. Can’t let that happen now, can we?

(Thanks to Kurtis for the link)

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