Lawrence Krauss Talks About How To Become a Better Critical Thinker July 8, 2017

Lawrence Krauss Talks About How To Become a Better Critical Thinker

In a new video for Big Think, physicist Lawrence Krauss talks about the need to develop our critical thinking skills. And he urges us to ask ourselves certain questions whenever we come across new bits of information.


… we should never take anything on faith. That’s really the mantra of science, if you want, that faith is the enemy of science. We often talk about a loss of faith in the world today; you don’t lose anything by losing faith. What you gain is reality.

When you’re presented with questions or answers about any problem there are a few questions you can ask yourself, that you should ask yourself right away. First of all, you can ask yourself, ‘Do I like this answer?’ And if you do you should be suspicious because you’re much more likely to accept something that appeals to you whether it’s right or not. So if you inherently like something in some sense that’s a reason to be almost more suspicious of it…

Or you can just live in your bubble and listen to the news sources that confirm whatever you already think. It’s a lot less complicated.

But if you value honesty and reason, accepting comfort over truth isn’t an option.

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